What is the Procedure
Step 1: Make payment of Rs 150/- . Please see the How to Make Payment page for details.
Step 2: Please fill out the online form here to ASK YOUR QUESTION and get a COMPLETE NUMEROLOGY REPORT that is specific to you.
(Please limit your question(s) to 1. If you ask more than one question, only the first question will be answered.)
The Report Contains :
  • Answer to your question (Please ask 1 question only per request).
  • Life path number, Name number, Lucky number,
  • Destiny number, Personality number, Soul urge number,
  • Friendly numbers, Enemy numbers, Lucky Day,
  • Lucky Color, Lord, God,
  • Mantra, Suitable Profession,
  • Compatible Numbers for Business, Compatible Numbers for Marriage,
  • Compatible Numbers for Romance,
  • Compatible Numbers for Positive points, Compatible Numbers for Negative points,
  • Life Path Number Meaning, find what your Name Indicates.
  • What part of your name should be used more often.
  • What parts of your name should be avoided.
  • Do you need to make any changes to your name spelling.
Step 3:We will email you the answer to your question and the detailed NUMEROLOGY REPORT that is personalised & specific to you.